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Lifetime TV

Hell or High Water

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The Balancing Act


Fighter Energy® drink to join “The Balance Your Life Road Tour” as it makes its way to Jacksonville, Florida.


The producers of the popular morning show, “The Balancing Act®” on Lifetime TV are pleased to welcome new partner Fighter International, LLC. producers of Fighter Energy® drink, to the Balancing Act®’s “Balance Your Life Road Tour™”. 


“We’re looking forward to having Fighter Energy® drink join “The Balance Your Life Road Tour,” as we always strive to provide solutions to issues that women face daily – like running out of energy,” says Doug Campbell, Executive VP of Programming for “The Balancing Act” on Lifetime Television. “Our Road Tour’s “Balance Your Life Pavillon” will enable Fighter International to reach out to millions of women looking for a healthier energy solution.”


Now in its 13th season, “The Balancing Act®,” America’s premier morning show, airs weekday mornings on Lifetime Television at 7:00am (ET/PT). These days the modern woman is trying to balance it all and the mission at “The Balancing Act” is to bring solutions to viewers to help them balance life, career, family, and most importantly themselves.


View our episodes LIVE below on December 21 and 28...

Hell or High Water _ 2012 Chile Whitewater Grand Prix

Hell or High Water


Fighter Energy® drink will be fueling the most epic adventure of 2013!


"Hell or High Water" is complete with mind-blowing stunts, exotic locales and the vivacity of the local communities who host them. Experience places you've never seen before... places we may never see again, complete with the trials, tragedies and exhilarating triumphs that come from dropping into the unknown. Real reality TV.


HoHW will air for FREE online at!


Coming Soon... Spring 2013

Fighter Entrepreneurial Initiative


Fighter Energy is about the Fight that lies in each of us to create a better world for everybody. That is why our CEO Brian Smith dedicates a significant portion of his time to expanding entrepreneurship at Universities  nationwide, giving back to the troops, and supporting student action in local and national government. He is also an Executive Director of the award winning Non-Profit business accelorator iStart Jax located in Jacksonville, Florida.

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